• Drones in the Construction & Security Industry


    Many industries are changing the way they work in order to utilise modern technology, few more so than the Construction and Security industries. Following the widespread introduction of drone technology in recent years, both sectors have adapted to embrace the new advancements which in turn is revolutionising the way both industries carry out their work.

    Drones in the Construction Industry
    Drones have many potentially useful applications to the construction industry such as:
    – Site and maintenance inspections
    – Building surveying
    – Progress reports
    – Promotional photography and live-feed demonstrations
    – Site logistics
    – Thermal imaging recording
    – Avoidance of health and safety concerns

    Drones, also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), have made it easier than ever for construction companies to collect video, photographs and data for any project they may be working on. Even smaller construction companies have benefitted from exploiting this new technology, as before construction even begins a drone can be sent into the air and provide a plethora of data on real-world conditions and provide an efficient and safe overview of the project layout. This can save construction project managers valuable time by efficiently measuring distance, area and volume significantly quicker than traditional methods.

    Further down the line as the project begins to enter the construction phase, drones can be utilised to keep materials secure, accurately measure progress and ensure all the work has been based on accurate data. Construction companies who employ the use of drones will also have access to a constant flow of information across the entire lifecycle of a project. Such updates can help identify any issues as soon as they arise minimising the risk of necessary rework, as well as keeping the entire construction force focused on the project at hand.
    Drones also have the added benefit of keeping sites and workers safe by spotting hazards before they occur, and in doing so provide an abundance of recorded information which can reduce the likelihood of legal challenges.

    Drones in the Security Industry

    With drones having their origin in the military, it’s unsurprising that they are seeing widespread application in the security industry, with the sector forecast to account for 10% of the commercial drone market by 2020. Drones have massive potential to reshape the security industry, with practical applications such as:

    – Viewing or inspecting an area for suspicious activity if an alarm sounds before security checks.
    – Providing sensors and video footage.
    – Checking for a breach in security fence or border by a drone-mounted infrared camera
    – Patrolling an area in a wider and shorter amount of time than a security guard.
    – As the technology advances, there is potential for a drone to recognise an intruder and follow at a discreet distance.

    Security guard tours are one of the biggest application for security drones. Any company that provides man guarding services can use the drone’s capabilities to patrol significantly further and faster than a human guard, who would also be hindered by physical barriers on the ground. Drones also don’t have the ability to be distracted or tricked in a way a human can be vulnerable.

    Risks to drones

    The drone itself in its psychical design is created for easy setup with open ports and controllable through unsecured communication channels, which leaves the drone intrinsically hackable. In its 2017 Threats Prediction Report, McAfee Labs went so far as to highlight drone-jacking as one of the top cybersecurity threats. It is fast becoming a simple matter for someone to take control of a drone and fly it to their location to steal. There are also reports of drone-exploit toolkits making the rounds on the internet, which will only lead to more instances of hijacked drones.

    Considering an appropriate quality drone currently cost anywhere between £800 – £8,500 it is important that cover is in place in case they are stolen or damaged.

    Here at First Insurance Solutions, we can provide cover for drones under our Construction or Security insurance policies. To receive a quote contact us on 01634 560335 or click here to complete our short quote form.

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