• The United Kingdom Ablaze: Fire-related Deaths Increase Significantly


    Between October 2016 and September 2017, 346 people died in fires, an increase of 93 over the previous year according to the Home Office. Even if the 71 deaths at Grenfell Tower are excluded, the number of deaths due to fire is still 9% higher than the previous year. What’s more, the number of incidents attended by fire services increased by 3%.

    With fire hazards becoming more prevalent, adopt these four pieces of guidance to protect your organisation:

    1. Conduct an annual fire risk assessment to identify potential hazards and take steps to either remove or reduce the potential risk.

    2. Provide your employees with fire safety training and organise regular fire drills.

    3. Make a fire emergency plan and share it with your employees. Ensure the plan is reviewed annually so it is kept up to date.

    4. Contact Complete Response LLP to discuss potential gaps in your cover.


    Up Against the Stress Epidemic, Your Well-being Initiatives are not Enough

    According to marketing researching company OnePoll, Britain is in the midst of a stress epidemic with 82% of people experiencing it at least once in an average week. What’s more, 49% of all working days lost in 2016-17 were due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. In an effort to address this systemic issue, many UK organisations have introduced well-being programmes. Unfortunately, 77 % of employees don’t feel that the programmes are effective, according to recent industry research.

    To help your organisation develop a well-being programme that adequately addresses your employees’ needs, consider the following suggestions:

    – Offer flexible work schedules to help your employees achieve a healthy work-life balance.

    – Give your employees the option to work from home, if possible.

    – Provide access to counselling services either at your organisation or information about where your employees can go to receive counselling.

    – Replace sugary or fatty snacks in the vending machines with healthier options, such as dried fruit and nut mixes.

    – Arrange health promotion events at the office to provide your employees with information on lifestyle issues, healthy habits and what services are available.

    – Organise social events that express to your employees that you appreciate them and the work that they do.


    HSE News and Prosecutions

    Introducing the World’s First International Occupational Health and Safety Standard

    An average of 2.78 million workers die across the globe each year due to work-related accidents or illnesses, according to the International Labour Organization. In an effort to address this staggering statistic, the International Organization for Standardisation began developing a new occupational health and safety standard in 2013. The final standard was announced on the 12th March, and the UK government has three years to integrate it into legislation.


    Company and Subcontractor Fined After Worker Falls from Height

    Advanced Industrial Roofing and Cladding Solutions Limited (AIRCSL) was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay costs of £4,278 after a worker fell through a skylight. In addition, a subcontractor hired for the construction project was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay costs of £2,000. In its investigation, the HSE found that AIRCSL failed to implement suitable measures to prevent workers from falling, while the subcontractor failed to properly plan, manage and monitor the work being carried out.


    Sole Trader Fined After Failing to Comply with Enforcement Notice

    A sole trader who repaired cars was fined £180 and ordered to pay costs of £4,500 after failing to comply with a HSE enforcement notice. A HSE inspector had informed the man that he needed an electrician to inspect his work area. However, even after getting an extension for missing the compliance deadline, the man did not follow the notice. Had the sole trader taken the appropriate action within the time limit, he could have avoided the fine and damage to his reputation.

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